“diVINO SFUSO” …the wine cellar in town… sale of bulk wine.

Since 2005 our slogan has always been our mission: to bring the wine of the rustic wineries direct to the heart of the city.
The wide selection of wines that we offer is the result of continuous research into wineries of Tuscany and further afield.
We strive to find products that are true value for money.
The vast array of all types of red, white, rosé and liqueur wines in bulk in our store are constantly changing so we keep up with the changing seasons and our customers’ requirements.
We ensure we offer only the finest quality products by working mainly with small and medium-sized wineries who really care about and love their terroir and their products.
We offer our customers the convenience of not having to drive for kilometres outside the city in their search for authentic country wines.
You can bring your bottles, flasks, and carboys or you can buy them from us and together we will choose the wine that best suits you.
Filling and capping is done in the presence of the customer using a tapping equipment that takes the wine from the carboys or stainless steel tanks, filled with food grade nitrogen that ensures the health of the product.
In May of 2017 “diVINO SFUSO” moved to the NEW STORE just a short distance from old location: still in Florence, still in Via delle Panche but now at No.121/123. A space that’s been completely restructured and upgraded in terms of its technical equipment and fit-out with sales area that’s twice as big compared to the previous one and a large, well-equipped warehouse—all to offer our customers an ever-wider range of Bulk Wines from every one of ITALY’S REGIONS: 24 types from the Alps to Etna …
For lovers of SPARKLING WINES, we have a special piece of EQUIPMENT to tap and bottle the finest white and rosé wines from Veneto, which have been already chilled.
To complete our offers, we have a range of wines collection box from selected Estates, Grappa, Passito and sparkling wines, as well as a choice of wine accessories and original gift ideas.
If genuine wine is what you are looking for … ”diVINO SFUSO” is the answer!

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