The origins of this vine are very ancient, however, the earliest historical evidence dates back only to the seventeenth century. This discrepancy is probably due to the fact that the earliest written documents mentioning this plant gave it different names, referring it as the “grisa” or “grisola” vine. The origin of “LA Barbera” (as farmers traditionally call it) is Piedmont with which this vine has always had a close and deeply-rooted relationship. Praised by poets and writers, its reputation was unfortunately clouded during the famous methanol scandal that hit the wine industry, and this vine in particular, during the 1980s. Thanks to the patient work of Piedmont people, consortia and companies, in just a few years we have succeeded in creating a new and dynamic image of this product.
Barbera contends with Sangiovese as the most grown vine in Italy. In addition to Piedmont mentioned above, its terroir of choice, it is also grown in quantity in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and, although little known by the layman, in Sardinia. It is also the most exported Italian grape variety, especially to the winemaking countries of the Americas.


Grapes used exclusively for winemaking, suitable for use in producing single varietal and blended wines. The first vinification is certainly to be preferred because it creates wines with an intense ruby red colour, a complex smell rich in aromas of red fruit, spices and flowers of the undergrowth. In the mouth, its taste is full and elegant, dry and with good acidity. Blending it with other grapes gives it good alcohol content, acidity and colour.

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