A grape variety of French origin, this is a generic term used to indicate both varieties of black grapes CABERNET FRANC and CABERNET SAUVIGNON. The Italian area of choice for this vine is undoubtedly the North-East, in particular, Veneto, Friuli and Trentino Alto Adige where the producers have often neglected the distinction between the two. Today the situation has also improved due to their considerable differences.

Cabernet Franc vine

The CABERNET FRANC “VINE” is known as the “younger brother” because it has always been considered a mutation (the best of many) of Sauvignon. Its preferred area is the Loire Valley, and, in particular, the right bank because its grapes are suitable for colder and more humid climates, as they mature earlier and are more productive. It is regarded as an insurance against possible damage due to bad weather since its grapes are “ready” to pick before those of other vines and are thus already in the cellar before the arrival of hailstorms or autumn storms. It blends very well in particular with Merlot, to which it adds structure and body.

CABERNET FRANC WINE has a light ruby red colour, sometimes tending to garnet, a pleasant aroma (more intense if aged) and is quite fruity, with a singular characteristic for the more trained “noses”. It has a scent reminiscent of pencil shavings. It is a wine with a light to medium body, dry taste and herbaceous aroma, and, if aged, it gains in almost velvety softness.

Cabernet Sauvignon vine

The CABERNET SAUVIGNON “VINE” is the most renowned variety to produce high quality long-lived Red Wines. Originally from Bordeaux, along with Merlot (which complements it), it is the standard-bearer of the most widespread of French vines in the world. It is very suitable for producing single-varietal wines. It sprouts and matures later than many other vines with the advantage that the date of harvest is not crucial; on the other hand, this exposes it to bad weather. The most exceptional aspect of this vine is its ability to take root in distant and different lands, whatever the climatic conditions, where it continues to express “recognizable” wines which retain the identity of their terroir. What distinguishes Sauvignon grapes is the concentration of tannins, pigments and aromatic compounds that make it perfect for producing wines that age and mature for a long time and over the years develop a refined, elegant bouquet.

THE CABERNET SAUVIGNON “WINE” has an intense ruby colour, tending to garnet when aged in wood (preferably French oak), with a vinous, slightly fruity and characteristic aroma that becomes more intense when aged. Dry and structured taste, with notes of fruit redolent of blueberry, with ageing/maturing it becomes harmonious and velvety. It has very subtle aromatic components that develop as it ages over the years. It is a tannic and slightly aromatic wine.

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