This grape variety is known throughout the world for producing the wines of the Bordeaux area in France, which have been famous since the 1700s and made a major contribution to the success of French winemaking as a whole. The cradle of this wine-growing area is the home of Merlot: the region of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion where this grape variety is used to its fullest potential in the creation of vines of the finest quality. In the whole of south-western France and in large parts of the world Merlot is known as the inseparable companion of the Cabernet Sauvignon , the most aristocratic, austere and long-lived wine, and together with the Cabernet Franc, these two wines constitute the “Bordeaux recipe”, envied and copied by enologists and viticulturists not just in France, but everywhere. The vine adapts well to many different soils and climates and therefore has always had a strategic economic importance for the winegrowers, as it also has a high yield per hectare even in cold climates because it sprouts, flowers and matures early thus lowering the risk of being ruined by the first autumn frosts. The increasing trend of consumers from all over the world in search of soft, fragrant, fruity and easy-to-drink red wines has, since the 1980s, led to the popularity of this vine, which is now one of the most widespread in all the wine-growing regions of the world. In Italy, it is of great importance in the north-east where production is generally pushed to the limit at the expense of quality, which is concentrated mainly in the vineyards at higher altitudes in Trentino, Friuli and Veneto. The finest productions using Italian Merlot are perhaps those of Tuscany and Umbria, particularly in the area of Bolgheri, where it has been shown that, even in Italy it has been possible to produce something akin to the great Pomerol.

The Merlot grape is produced exclusively for oenological use and employed to produce single varietals or blends with other vines, particularly, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. The characteristics of this grape variety give wines great aromas ranging from opulent plum and the so-called panfruttato cake to more exquisite ones with full, early fruit, a less tannic structure and fuller body. The wine has an intense ruby red colour tending to garnet when aged, a fruity and characteristic aroma with spicy notes; and on the palate, it has a full, persistent and tannic taste with notes of red berry fruit.
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