The name of the most important vine of Puglia was officially mentioned for the first time only in the nineteenth century, but the origin of its name is still an ongoing debate. The goal of “competing” is what follows the NEGRO prefix—BITTER. For some it refers to the richness and power of its tannins; for some it derives from the Greek word mavro which would indicate (combined with nigro) the depth and impenetrability of its colour: deep, dark black; for some, who dispute its Hellenic origins, trust to the historical written testimony that in the nineteenth century speaks of a vine called Negro Dolce that was the opposite of the bitter; for some the name comes from a dialect expression niunu maru that describes the dark colour and the bitter taste of this wine. In short, the only certain conclusion that can be reached is that the relationship between this grape of great quality and Puglia (in particular Salento) is rooted in millennial wine culture.

Vino Negramaro


Grapes used exclusively for vinification, preferably as a single varietal, produces a wine of very dark ruby red colour that is almost impenetrable with obvious violet reflections. Intense, complex aromas of red berry fruits, especially cherries, fruits preserved in alcohol, and pepper. On the palate, it has a full, warm and soft taste due to its high alcohol content which is however well balanced by powerful tannins with good acidity. It also produces a rosé wine with good characteristics, fragrant and good acidity.
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