This is the Italian version of Pinot Greis, a vine of French origin from the Burgundy area which is considered to be one of the best, most well-known mutations of Pinot Noir with which it is easily exchanged since the leaves are identical and the grapes, especially at the end of the vintage cycle, can be very similar. It is a widely spread vine that can produce soft wines with delicate aromas, richer in substances and colour compared to many other white wines. In Italy, its preferred area is Friuli where it is used in many Collio white wines; it is also greatly used to produce popular, widely-distributed wines given its characteristics, which make this one of the most productive vines. In fact, in Lombardy, it possesses the monopoly of the sparkling wine industry.


The wine made from this vine has quite an intense straw yellow colour, a characteristic, fragrant smell if vinified as a single varietal, and a dry, full, harmonious flavour with light aromas.
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