The origin of this grape variety is very ancient and its name undoubtedly derives from the particular red colour that the woody, hard peduncle takes on as the grapes ripen. It is cultivated on both flat and hilly terroir, but it is on the latter that it produces the best grapes. It is widespread in Friuli Venezia Giulia and eastern Veneto. Research studies, particularly those by the ISperViti of Conegliano Veneto, have shown that “true” Refosco, i.e. that which derives from the many varieties existent today, is “the one with the Red Peduncle”, which in turn is associated with a group of vines to which the Primitivo, Corvina and Pinot Noir belong. Today, this vine is recognized by many scholars as one of the most important to us to differentiate and categorize Italian vines.

vino refosco


Through single-varietal vinification, this vine expresses a rather dark ruby red wine with fresh vinous, slightly fruity aromas. Light-bodied in the mouth, quite tannic and rough with excellent acidity. A wine with undoubted impact and great personality.