Cantina Santa Maria la Palma, from the lands of Sardinia, GRAPES: VERMENTINO DI GALLURA and MALVASIA, COLOR: straw yellow with slight greenish reflections, BOUQUET: thin, intense and delicate, TASTE: alcoholic, soft with a slightly bitter aftertaste, MATCHING: Sardinian pecorino and Sardinian flower, clams soup, stewed beans and grilled fish.

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It all began in 1946, in the lands of the Nurra, reclaimed and bestowed to the farmers following the agrarian reform affecting Sardinia immediately following the Second World War. Expert and courageous hands, able to grasp the soul of a terroir that seemed perfectly fashioned for wine. So it was that one hundred of them decided to become partners and, together, found the Cantina Santa Maria La Palma winery in 1959. Today, past and future meet in every new technology and in all of the winery’s projects—offspring of a tradition that has always combined innovation and a love for the terroir. 700 hectares of land put to use to bring forth and give life to the diverse, profound nuances of Sardinian wine, with the same passion and dedication for both the labours of bygone times and the most advanced technologies of today. Our recommended selection for you – Bag-in-Box White Wine 12% 5 litres from Vermentino di Gallura and Malvasia grapes.

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